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Dine in Decadence

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Aperitif is a new fine dining hotspot in Ubud that is ready to tantalize your taste buds into another dimensions.

What is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear or see the word ‘Ubud’? Is it the monkey forest or the art center of Bali? Maybe. While those things are true, Ubud is getting the recognition of being a leader in gastronomic experiences. We may owe that area for bringing the craze for Babi Guling or Crispy Duck, but now, many high-end places are opening up. The latest addition to this scene is Apéritif Restaurant and Bar that is located within the Viceroy Bali area.

This restaurant sits on a lush jungle valley setting close to the center of Ubud. Bringing the highest quality ingredients from Viceroy Bali’s greenhouse, the island of Bali, and the rest of the world, this restaurant has been highly regarded as the most unique fine dining destination in the area. Under the hands of Executive Chef Nic Vanderbeeken and his team, Apéritif presents the best of contemporary global cuisine touching on the archipelago’s diverse culinary heritage and ingredients.

Just like its name, the idea of this restaurant born from a long-standing European tradition of enjoying a pre-dinner drink and canapés before indulging into a world of gastronomy like no other. The European royalties have used this method for centuries and it is believed to stimulate the appetite before enjoying a sophisticated 8-course degustation menu. Everything is served on a timely manner to make sure nothing is rushed so guests can fully enjoy the dining experience.

From the moment you step into this restaurant, you get ot feel the amazing Roaring Twenties atmosphere from the décor with marbles, dark woods, and bronze elements. This décor also follows you through to the Bar, where you get to enjoy the complimentary pre-dinner Apéritif and canapés. The elegant restaurant design is also a nod’s to Indonesia’s Dutch colonial past.

In the main dining room, where it can sit up to 60 people, Chef Nic has created a menu with a surprising twist on some Indonesian classics. Expect Karedok, raw vegetable salad from West Java, as a started that combines lightly pickled garden vegetables with lemon basil infused peanut sauce, tofu créme, and a baby bean sprouts. Another Indonesian-inspired dish, but is still modern European in essence, is the Papua crab, which has seasonal beurre blanc-poach crab paired with bengkoang (jicama). Using his expertise working in the kitchens of some Michelin-starred restaurants, Chef Nic also reinvents two classic Western dishes-Beef Wellington and Beef en Croûte – into Venison Wellington, which marries the succulent game meat with Indonesia’s rendang dish in a buttery pastry cut with a portion of foie gras in the center. The homemade pastry is then rolled with king oyster mushrooms and served paired with black garlic truffle mash.

For dessert, Apéritif put Pastry Chef Alexander Mckinstry in charge of the business. He created some of the most magical desserts ever created. For example, the Cheese dessert plays on the idea of a cheese platter that you get on any other restaurant. But this one is different. A wheel of trompe l’oiel “goat’s cheese” has been made with milk skin to resemble the outer casing, revealing a creamy burrata-like interior. The dessert is served with brown butter financier, hazelnut-cheese fat emulsion, sourdough ash, chili-pickle pineapple, jambu air (rose apple), and sourdough ice cream.

For cocktails, the restaurant also has an extensive list of aperitif-style drinks, as well as cocktails that were conceptualized by award-winning bartender Ran Van Ongevalle. Inspired by the Roaring Twenties, his cocktails have been specially created with Bali’s tropical climate in mind while showcasing the best artisanal spirits and in-house infusions. Be ready to try Tamarillo Negroni or his take on Espresso Martini. Guests can also opt for a wine pairing to complement each dish. With over than 180 different labels of wine in the cellar, there is no shortage of brilliant wine pairings or enjoying a single bottle with the meals.

Jl. Lanyahan, Br. Nagi, Ubud
(+62) 361 917 777


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