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Defining Her Dearests: An Extensive List Of Sarah Nathan’s Personal Favorites In Bali

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As an avid businesswoman and travel enthusiast who are always on-the-move, Sarah Nathan finds it hard to decide ‘the best’ kind of question, because she just have too many! But for the beloved readers, we managed to encourage (read: force) Hellobali’s Editor-In-Chief to answer the extensive list of her favorites in Bali (and Lombok); from resort, restaurants, place to shop, hidden getaway, place to shop, and many more. Read below to find some unexpected answers!

1. Your favorite shop in Bali?

Alfa Mart!! I love this cheeky sneaky convenience store! They have all my tops 2 favorite things that I “must” buy for myself to stock in during my staycation experiences – for my so called after dinner meals at 10 or 11 PM such as Pop Mie & Chitato and best coffee for an early morning coffee run on my way to work called Point Coffee!!!

2. Things you’ve never told anyone about your Bali holidays travel.

I buy and order seriously two dozen of wines from Hatten Wines – one dozen of Two Island Reserve Carbenet Sauvignon and one dozen of Two Island Reserve Sauvignon Blanc and have it delivered to wherever villa or resort I am checking in first for the rest of 12 Days of my stay in Bali. Sanity check. Necessity. Yes please thanks.

3. If you could have two feasts in two different restaurants in Bali right now where would it be?

How ironic is this? A lunch at any of my favorite Bossmanand Bakso Garasi! When you do get food at Bakso Garasi, your taste buds have been so woken from their slumber that you can literally taste the sky in the vegetables, the sun, you can taste the earth in them – food has never been so impeccable. Whenever I feel terrible, mentally or physically, I call one of my best friends in Bali and she fixes me up with the best Bossman Burger or Bakso Garasi Meal at that point, it completely resets me in a kind of miraculous way. There was a Al Capone Burgers extra chilli and truffle fries in Bossmann that I think about at least once a week!

Bakso Garasi, Bakso Bihun in Nusa Dua is the ultimate bomb! and Bossman Al Capone Burgers extra Chilli and Truffle Fries in Seminyak is just the ultimate sensation.

4. Your favorite small and secret Villa in Bali?

I have amazing memories of Beyond Bespoke 1 Bedroom Villa. Pak Bagus who is the person in charge in the Villa is so down to earth and he seriously take cares of me a lot. Top notch my favorite small intimate secret villa in Bali! I can so see myself living in Bali and to live in this Villa. The vibe is just something that has stayed with me. Location wise is just too good, it is located in the heart of Seminyak. Too easy to get everywhere around center of Seminyak, but it is super hidden.

Beyond Bespoke Villa's Eclectic yet Luxurious Living Room
Tow Islands Sauvignon Blanc 2018

5. Your favorite classic resort in Bali?

BVLGARI Bali. First time I went and stayed there for 2 Nights of becoming Editor-in-Chief of Hellobali. I had to go to a work event for solid 52 hours and arrived in Bali at this grand astounding solid new creation that looked like it had been there forever. It’s such a thrilling experience because when you walk into the lobby out from the car, you walk up straight onto the staircase through into the open air grand Uluwatu dreamy resort view – so the flutter, buzz, fluster and excitement hit you instantaneously. Everything is so fabulous, elegant, slick and thrilling…..Seriously that resort is a blast!!

6. A great little place in Bali away from the crowds?

For me a place in Bali away from the crowds would be my suite in the resort or small intimate villa that I rented out. “Me” time is the ultimate joy of happiness for me personally when I am in Bali for holidays. Endless in room or villa dining or GoFood, extravagant long deep sleep, refreshing swim in the villa, and Netflix & chill is a must.

7. A place you fell in love in Bali. (If you already have…)

Unfortunately, not yet. I hope I’ll fall in love in Bali though, a place where I called home.

8. Top 3 Songs that you always listen to when you are in Bali for holidays?

Teenage Fantasy by Cherokee
California by The Lagoon
I Believe by Jonas Brother

You guys can follow Hellobali’s Maison playlist on Spotify! Let me know what you think, or you have any input…Share the love people. 

9. Your favorite place in Bali?

This is a tough one! If I have to choose, my favorite is definitely Uluwatu. The sunset is simply extravagant, and the beaches are just impeccable. It really is indescribable.

The Immaculate View Of Sunset On Uluwati's Hilltop
BVLGARI Resort Bali

10. The place you’re currently most fixated on visiting next in Bali?

Labuan Bajo!!! Aah I can’t even, I haven’t even been there!! This is just absurd! I know next to nothing about it and yet it holds all this extraordinary fascination for me.

11. Your favorite Bali hotel view?

Out from my favorite Ocean Cliff Suite at Apurva Kempinski Bali. Majestic enough said! That hotel has always felt to me like something from a movie – The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Culture, luxuries, amazing people that works there & extraordinary service all in one, makes the view of the hotel even more astonishing because it makes you to think all of those aspects in one – when you are overlooking the view from your very own Ocean Cliff Suites.

12. Your favorite Bali holiday look?

My favorite ever Tods sandals, which sounds rather grand of me, but I bought this when I was on my 3rd year as a University student in Sydney and part-time working as a waitress in a restaurant. I saved myself some enough money for me to spend my June-July summer break in Europe as a backpackers. I always tells myself – I would never shop especially branded brands, when I spend my summer break in Europe, just because it is so expensive and would rather spend it on the holiday backpacking experiences expenses. Then I couldn’t resist myself when I saw this Tods sandals back then, so chic and timeless. Proved it right. I vouch my words, until 7 years till now, I still wear this sandals for every overseas summer travels and Bali back and forth. Still here and going strong. Paulina Katarina dresses are amazing if you want to look like summertime but with some serious seventies modern glamour thrown in. Underneath, an Eres bikini which are always cool and classy. Last but not least, my ultimate favorite Zara White Long Linen Shirt & pants, Low tight hair bun, Le Specs Sunnies, Tods sandals no accessories required, oversized rattan bag. Simple look is key for me.


Apurva Kempinski Bali, Grand Staircase

13. Four items you always have in your Bali holiday wardrobe?

My Long sleeves oversized white linen shirt (This linen shirt has been with me for the past 12 years of my life, I supposed the color is not even nice clean white shirt anymore!) I mean….. time to buy a new one woman! The memories are just way too many, I’m just not ready to “NOT” ever going to wear it again! Oh blessed.

My favorite Oversized Dark Blue Shirt for me to wear to sleep– six sixes too large, from my university raving days! And now can be found in their full glory in Bonds Australia shop!

Black Full Swim-Suits of my ultimate favorite swimmers brand – Wanderlust. I mean…..”full” swim-suits is a must. Let’s be honest, Bali and their amazing culinary feasts, exotics, dashing bars around – I just couldn’t resists myself not to experience and to enjoy almost every day when I am in Bali. As a result of this situation, yes full bloated stomach. This is why “full” swim-suits is just crucial!

My Classic Le Specs Sunnies – Timeless and classic. Enough said.

14. Three Items you can’t live without in your Bali travel bag?

JBL Clip Travel Music Speaker for the win!!

Cocoa Butter Formula Dark & Chocolate & peppermint – Lip butter

New York Yankees – Hat

Gorgeous Sundown From Adiwana Warnakali's Pool & Lounge Area
Samsara Ubud, Aerial View

15. A person, property or place in Bali that you know that’s doing amazing things to make the world a better place?

Bayu Hendro, the founder and owner of Samsara Ubud and a dear friend of mine. He started Samsara Ubud from zero and has successfully grown his business into one of the most successful resort in Bali independently. His attitude and humility to growth have inspired me amicably. I believe Bayu will inspire many and make huge positive impact for the world. Just last year in September 2019, I interview Bayu for Hellobali’s Entrepreneur Issue. He shares his roster of projects and what lies at the heart of his passion, plus what makes him young stars tick. For me personally, making the world a better a place is also about do what you love. That alone will inspire others and also sharing your own story of survival, because I honestly feel we’ve all fought our own battles that will strike a chord with someone else in the world. 

16. Your favorite Bali or Lombok Staycation?

Lucky me in this island of god, one of my best friends live there. And because of our relationships I’ve managed to experience all the places that I wanted to explore earlier on every year both that is next to Bali and in Bali, are all the same places that she wanted to explore as well. We always seem to end up on a wicked in-villa or resort of our very own definition of staycation party’s series, drinking our sorrows away, and driving back far too late – peeking out at those dramatic dune-like hills by the light of the moon. By all means, my current favorite Bali or Lombok staycation so far definitely would be; Lelewatu Sumba, Nusa Penida Adiwana Warnakali, and Capella Ubud. Those three offered an exceptional different unique experience. Lelewatu Sumba is an absolute hidden gem nestled on a clifftop in West Sumba, while overlooking the majestic view of the Indian Ocean throughout. Amazingly built by an inspiring Sumbanese business-woman Jenny Tan, the resort was meticulously designed to reflect the island’s elegance and exoticness. For Capella Ubud, this hotel set in the heart of a verdant rainforest and brings the rich heritage of Bali to live in a truly remarkable natural ‘glamour camping’ setting to cater affluent travelers in their memorable holiday. Nusa Penida is simply breathtaking. This is the time to travel there now, you literally have the whole island to yourself with the most extravagant spots “must” see. Breaking news alert, finally there’s an amazing four stars hotel that recently just opened in Nusa Penida, called Adiwana Warnakali.


Lelewatu Resort Sumba, One Bedroom Ocean View Pool Villa
Capella Ubud, Keliki Valley Bedroom


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