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Conrad Bali Take Part In The Island’s Biggest Beach Clean-Up Initiative

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Conrad Bali has just announced their participation in the island’s biggest clean-up initiative; contributing to the collection of over 20 tons of plastic waste that would otherwise have been discarded into the Ocean.

Organized by Bali based network One Island One Voice, the clean-up saw the involvement of more than 12,500 people comprising team members from Conrad Bali alongside other hospitality companies and non-governmental organizations. This is the fourth time the island-wide clean-up campaign is being organized. Since it began in 2017, the movement has gathered over 45,000 people in 325 locations and prevented more than 135 tons of plastic from entering the ocean.

The group aimed to clean the island’s common waste products including plastic, glass and metal waste; fishing nets and cigarettes buds. In a collective effort, the activity achieved tremendous participation at over 115 locations across the island. Nearly 20 percent of the single-use waste was plastic food wraps.

“As a global company with a strong influence in the industry, we strive to deliver the best experiences for our guests and how we contribute to the community” said the general manager of Conrad Bali, Andreas Justkowiak . “Conrad Bali itself can play a huge role in protecting our environment and we have started to do that by reducing the use of single-use plastics in the property. In fact, we have stopped the use of plastic straws, replacing them with paper straws upon request, using wooden stirrers as needed, as well as replacing the plastic water bottles with glass water in the guest rooms,”

In continuation in its sustainability efforts, Conrad Bali along with two other Hilton hotels in Bali have also partnered with global youth movement Bye Bye Plastic Bags and signed on to the Komitmen 2.0; a pledge by businesses across Bali to reduce plastic use and provide options for local alternatives. Hilton is one of the largest international hospitality companies to sign on to the agenda and as part of this initiative, the hotels continue to find ways to eliminate single- use plastics and separate organic and non-organic waste throughout their operations.


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