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Charming Confidence : Exclusive Interview With Fabiola Aisha of Je’Suis Flirt

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Confident, posh and creative, Fabiola Aisha has established herself as one of Bali’s most sought out fashionpreneur through her label Je’suis Flirt. With over 17 years of experience in the industry, she is now ready to introduce her Indonesian-made products  and designs to the global audience worldwide. To Hellobali, Fabiola shares her charming thoughts about various topics; from career background,her favourite international fashion designers, to how much Bali vibe affects her creativity…

1.What sparked your interest in fashion?

The Glamour , The Art and Stylish lifestyle

2. Are you self taught or did you study fashion academically?

I studied Fashion design and drawing at InterStudy  Design College in Jakarta, then I mastered fashion business and merchandising in Firenze, Italy. But most of my valuable lessons in fashion world are from work experiences

3. How has your work evolved since you began your own label?

It grows a lot on my designs and creations because I have grown up also as a person, become more mature and settled so my creativity and vision are evolving every year. And I always found new techniques, new styles and inspirations wherever i go or living my life day by day

4. Are there any types of clothing you avoid wearing?

No, I like every style, every colour, and trends . That’s what makes fashion so fun!!! Most importantly where, when and how to wear it

5. How much does the culture and vibe of Bali inspire your design in Je’Suis Flirt?

So much!! I become even more creative since I live in bali, I’m amazed how creative and artistic bali people are and working with them really open my vision to another dimension

6. If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career what would it be?  What was the biggest rookie mistake you made when just starting out?

Keep doing what you believe and passion about and never tired of learning and growing. I don’t think I ever did any big mistakes because everything I do wrong or I failed on something I take it as a lesson and learning from it

7.How do you want people to feel when wearing your clothes?

Attractive, powerful and confident… like give them an energy to be the best version of themselves

8. How do you think sustainability can play an important role in the fashion industry?

It is very possible because we have to be more aware of taking care of our Mother Earth by not poisoning it with chemical substances. So i support to use natural colouring and sustainable fabrics 

9. What designers inspire you and why? 

Wow, that’s so many because every country has many amazingly creative designers. My  favourites are : The Seniors such as Donatella Versace, Alexander Mcqueen, Roberto Cavalli , Zuhair Murad and the young ones such as  Olivier Rousteing,Anthony Vacarello,David Coma,Daniel Roseberry and Joana Ortiz. They always create something that you never thought could be made that way… full of surprises.

10. Do you have any rules you live by? What’s your life motto?

My life motto is to believe whatever talents I have in myself is a Blessing from God and I have to use it for a good purpose. Living my Life with a grateful heart and always learning to be a better person each day

11. It’s been a turmoil year for a lot of us, especially those within the creative industry. How have you been able to stay motivated and creative? How has the pandemic affected you, professional and personally? 

How to keep creative in this pandemic is by not really consumed by news in the media, I am being really careful of what I watch, hear or where I get information from, and by keep focusing on what i do and what I am most passionate about which is Fashion, Music and Show Business. Well it has affected me a lot , professionally and career wise it really dropped our sales and income compared the pre-covid but we still very grateful that people still love and buy our collection and we still can maintain and running our business until this moment 

Personally it has made me feel depressed and very down because I am a very social person and super active, so lockdowns had given me so much boredom but now I can manage it and become more calm and love the tranquility. This Pandemic situation actually teach us to appreciate the little things in our life more; such as Health, Freedom and Family/ Friendship

12. Finally, what advice would you give to young and aspiring designers out there?

Don’t ever limit yourself and your creativity, There’s no Certain kind of rules of what you can Create. Find your own Identity and dream big!!  Because Dreams does come true


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