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Catatan Anak Disko; a Nostalgic Chronicle By Artotel Sanur Featuring Project Pop

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After a successful 6th edition back in 2018, ARTOTEL Group Bali brings back its 7th Volume of “Catatan Anak Disko” (Disco Kid Chronicle), this time featuring one of Indonesia’s finest musical groups, Project Pop among other prolific local talents.

Photo by : Guswib

Held on Saturday, August 31st 2019 at ARTOTEL’s proud ABC (ARTOTEL Beach Club) Sanur, music enthusiasts have gathered from 3pm to enjoy some engaging live performances from Bali’s finest indie bands; such as Kaset Kulcha, Louis & Friends, folk-pop hero Dialog Dini Hari, to the amazing DJ bunch Diskophorosis. This edition of Catatan Anak Disko was also enlivened by ABC’s signature ‘Pasar Malam’ or Night Market; applying the Sunday Market concept to a variety of snacks and goods from various tenants. By paying the entrance ticket, guests are immediately treated with selections of refreshing cold drinks to sip while enjoying the vibrant ambience.

After a series of top-notch performances by some of the island’s finest talents, Project Pop enters the stage at 9pm, accompanied by the live band. Crowds; especially Indonesian who has gathered in the beachfront area cheers as familiar figures of Djone Permanto (Udjo), Yossi Mokalu, Tika Panggabean, Wahyu Rudi Astadi (Odie) and Gumilar Nurochman (Gugum) shows up under the glimmering lights. The five-piece music group (minus one, Muhammad Fachroni / O’on who passed away on 2017) then lit up the atmosphere with their catchy hit singles. Not only by singing and dancing, they also interactively throwing fresh jokes and asked the audience to join the fun in several numbers; such as reggae-induced ‘Senggal Senggol’ or the tropic-fun new single, ‘Coconut’.

Formed in 1996, Project Pop is a spin-off of another famous comedic band, P-Project, which known for their tongue-in-cheek Western cover songs. Project Pop soon distinguished themselves by writing their own materials instead of parodying popular top 40 songs like their predecessor. They have released nine original albums to-date, with the latest released back in 2013. They have been considered as one of the most significant Indonesian music group of the late 90’s and early 2000.

Project Pop flawless performance at ARTOTEL Beach Club showcases the pinnacle of their experience. Every song is performed with utmost energy and suavity one would expect from seasoned national musicians. They wrap up the whole fiesta with ‘Ingatlah Hari Ini’, a sweet, super-catchy ode about remembering friendship and its timeless value. Sing-along ensued, nostalgia hearts swelled, and everyone returns home with smile and murmurs of satisfaction.

Kudos ARTOTEL for another round of fantastic musical event! See you on the next disco party!



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