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Bring The Culture Home: Bali’s Best Art Market For Your Indigenous Shopping Destination

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As expected from the indigenous inhabitants of a culturally-inspiring travel destination, Balinese people are oozing with creativity. The island is home to many naturally talented artists – with art creations waiting to be discovered. Here we listed several art market where you can find fascinating stuffs and decoration to proudly bring home. Here goes!

  1. Guwang Art Market

Located on the tranquil village of the same name, Guwang Art Market shares many resemblances to the legendary Sukawati market. It is located just a mere 1 kilometers away from Sukawati Art Market! Don’t be surprised to find some items that are similar to the one you found in Sukawati. If you want to indulge in some shopping in Ubud markets without having to jostle with the crowd, then this is probably the best option you have. Locally knows as ‘Pasa Seni Guwang’, you can find variety of holiday accesories and outfit here, including (and not limited to) beachwear, cotton shirts, sandals and many more.

2. Kumbasari Art Market

Although historically a little bit older than Sukawati Art Market, Kumbasari is often overlooked by tourist and traveler. However, get ready to be amazed as this underrated art market house around 200 artwork and souvenir kiosk. Talk about huge! You can easily get there anytime you’re around Denpasar area, and the location is easy to find; just across the main Badung River in central Denpasar.

3. Ubud Art Market

Situated at the region’s central point, Ubud Art Market has gain wide recognition due to its increasing popularity as traditional art shopping spot by travelers in recen years. Most of the products displayed here are handcrafted by the people of the neighbouring villages; right from unique souvenir items to handbags to lightweight clothing items. Don’t let the price tag discourage you, though. You can start practicing your bargain skill in this market (along with a few lines of Bahasa Indonesia). Some items selections you can find here including scarves, lightweight shirts, handmade woven bags, baskets, statues, kites and many other handcrafted goods.

4. Tegalalang Handicraft Center

Not only for its sprawling vista of green rice fields, Tegalalang is also home for a fantastic handicraft center. The long stretch of shops here sells an eclectic mix of craft and home decor items, surrounded by scenic views. A perfect mix of shopping and leisure, stroll through the stalls as you soak in the beauty of majestic hills enveloped by rice paddies. Pick some local fancies like the conical hats woven from coconut leaves or colorful traditional jewellery strung together with shells, beads, wood, and mother-of-pearl. If you’re in the mood for some home decor, then the wooden carvings of mythical Balinese creatures is also a great pick.

5. Mertanadi Art Market

From ornamented wooden fans to knock-off brands of sunglasses, Mertanadi Art Market is sure to indulge your shopping desire. The many stores here are accompanied by restaurants and cafes, which are ideal pit stops in between all the fun shop-and-drop session. Traditional outfit enthusiast will be indulged with selections of indigenous ‘Ikat’ cloth and Batik on sale, but the must-pick up item here is ‘wayang’ (shadow puppets). Propped on bamboo sticks, these mythological figures are used in the ancient Indonesian art of shadow puppetry. Look for the majestic familiar characters from Ramayana and Mahabharata to adorn your home – you’re bound to find plenty.

6. Batubulan Stone Carvings

In Batubulan village, you will see rows and rows of stone carvings just sitting outside shophouses for sale along the roadside. One of the shops that you can visit on these rows of stone carvings is Rote Adhi Stone Carvings. Established back in 1978, provide a variety of gorgeous sculptures made of different stone materials; which can be useful if you’re looking for a particular type of stone that meets your requirements. You don’t have to worry about the aesthetic quality, as Rote Adhi were also the first to use lava stone, shipping the material directly from Java’s supply thanks to the active volcanoes that resides on that island.

7. Taru Cendana Bali Handicraft

If you are curious about the type of handcrafted musical instruments that you can find (and buy) in Bali, make a stop to Taru Cendana Bali Handicraft to find out. (Answer: A lot) Apart from didgeridoos, djembe drums, rainsticks and more, there are traditional Balinese instruments you might also be interested in – such as the handmade Maja Harp Guitar that’s made of gourd, or the bamboo gopichand. Those with a penchant for exotic music would love to throw some of these Balinese sounds in the mix by picking up an ethnic instrument or two, or it would make a good display on your shelves back home too!

8. Sukawati Art Market

Reputed as the biggest, busiest and (one of the) oldest art market in Bali Island, Sukawati Art Market deserve a place in this merry list. most of the shopkeepers are artists and craftsmen, so you can buy goods directly from them without facing middlemen. Idyllically located on the main road connecting Denpasar and Gianyar, Sukawati Art Market provides plethora of artworks and souvenirs; from tiny keychains to large paintings; traditional Sarong to fake Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt alike. The price here will depend on how well your bargaining skill is though, so haggle away!

9. Prapen Silver Jewellery

Beautifully named with words derrived from ‘perapian’ (means to forge in Bahasa Indonesia), Prapen is one of the most prominent silver Jewelry producer in Celuk village. Their international-standard showroom is a fantastic place to visit for those looking for top-quality silverware. If you don’t already know, the village of Celuk in Bali is well known for its silversmiths, and that’s where Prapen is located. With great reviews by other people who love their pieces from Prapen, and the dependable fixed prices, you can be sure to secure quality designs at a good deal. Some of their most immaculate collections including ‘Nautilus’; where the silversmiths create an intricate silver masterpiece by masterfully integrating hand-crafted sterling silver with gorgeous iridescent shells, or ‘Bun’; which is inspired by Bali’s lush forest floors, created through granulation–which is a stunning characteristic of Celuk signature design.

10. Singakerta Wooden Carvings

Just like Batubulan with its stone carvings, or Celuk for its silverware, Singakerta village represent Bali’s wondrous artisan as a producer of handmade wooden carvings. Bali Parcel is amongst those woodcarving shops sprawling aside the main road area. Boasting 40 in-house carvers, Bali Parcel is definitely serious about their woodcarving business. In their showroom, you can find great selection of sculpted wood waiting. From wooden hand-carved masks and abstract sculptures to jewellery displays and bigger pieces like gorgeously sculpted tables. Most of the carvings are made of Suar Wood, and occasionally, other woods such as Hibiscus and Waru Wood as well. There are also bamboo products available, if you’re interested in picking one up.


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