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BOS Beauty for Boss Babes

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The Indonesian beauty world has a new kid on the block, namely Beauty of Saira (BOS) founded by Saira Nisar in 2018. Her first product is the eyeshadow palette The Beauty Pass-Around the World Palette. This product from BOS is claimed to be cruelty free, vegan, paraben free and produced in Indonesia. Saira, who loves having her sunset drinks at Ku de Ta Bali, revealed to HelloBali the story behind Beauty of Saira.

We super love BOS, can you tell us a bit about the story behind BOS? Was this a dream of yours that came true?

I started my career as a fashion and beauty writer in a magazine and I fell in love with the beauty industry immediately. 

You know, when people say “choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”, I couldn’t agree more! As my interest in makeup continued to bloom, I took an intensive makeup course in London to learn more about the fundamentals and beauty trends around the world. Once I got back to Indonesia, I promised myself to give back to Indonesian beauty community by providing a high quality beauty product. 

Fast forward to 2018, Beauty of Saira (BOS) was born and our first product is The Beauty Pass – Around the World palette then followed by GLOSSBABE lip gloss in 2020. So, it might start with my dream at first, but now it’s our dream to have a good quality beauty product available in Indonesia.

You are one powerful woman, how do you think BOS will inspire Indonesian women to be the best version of themselves?

As a brand, our mission is to empower women by providing high quality beauty products to boost their confidence. Back then, people used to underestimate local brands as they kept comparing us to international brands. We saw it as a challenge and motivated us to always give the best products to our community, even though lots of trials and errors were involved. 

By doing so, we want to inspire Indonesian women to not settle for less when you deserve the best and always keep trying.

And also to prove to the world, that indonesian local brands now are as good as international ones. 

We love that your products are cruelty free, BPOM registered, and also, can help women to have a business of their own by being a reseller. What are the requirements to be your reseller?

We put extra care and attention to our products, because our consumers’ satisfaction and safety are top priority. So, we make it mandatory for every BOS product to be registered at BPOM and also cruelty free and vegan. We also Welcome resellers, they can email us directly or DM us through our instagram. 

Why do you think women should never give up on their dreams?

Because the journey to achieve your dream is part of your life progress. If you want to see the better version of you, the first thing to do is to move forward and don’t settle for less. You’ll get there eventually, trust me. 

But in case you don’t, worry not because at least you still make progress in your life at your own pace.

I think that the key to a success in entrepreneur life is also to not give up easily. Over the years I might also have a little failure here and there, but those failures actually give me the best experience that no text book can teach. 

What kind of mindset do we (women) need to have if we want to be successful in the beauty business?

You need to prepare yourself for a bumpy road with endless yet enjoyable challenges throughout the process. Because until today, if I look back to the journey when I started this, I still feel amazed on every challenge I’ve been through and how my team and I cope with it.

Tell us, personally, when is it best to wear Mademoiselle, Anissa, Gadis, Dona and Senorita?

I think every shade is suitable for every moment, depending on your mood or your overall makeup look. The shade is so versatile that you can play crazy with it. Moreover, you can still get the nourishing benefit from the GLOSSBABE while using it. This gloss contains avocado oil, vitamin A & E, so you still get that nourishing lip balm feel that shines like a gloss. 

Last but not least, where can we order your products?

You can get all BOS products at our official stores at Tokopedia and Shopee, or visit our website 


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