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Blissed Out in Paradise: Suargan Spa

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Suargan is Ubud’s newest wellness sanctuary where your body, mind and spirit are taken care of in the most peaceful way. 

Taking inspiration from the word that translates to ‘paradise’ or ‘heaven’ in Balinese, Suargan is set to be the next premiere spa on the island. Opened in February of this year, Suargan is the latest addition of a wellness sanctuary that provides a deeper level of healing services that include a modern, elevated approach to traditional Balinese healing practices. This is the only place in Ubud where your wellbeing is taken care of the most blissful way. 

Conveniently located in the middle of the hustling and bustling of Ubud, Suargan’s mission is to facilitate individual wellness through holistic health offerings that incorporate elements of connection, freedom, and transformation. Using their slogan of “Cultivate Wellness Within”, Suargan understand the importance to cope with the hectic pace of modern life because self-care has never been so important. And because of this, Suargan carefully developed wellness treatments that can never be found anywhere else. 

Suargan’s offerings are intelligent and holistic and every aspect of the self is catered for. For those who suffer from the physical aches and pains can benefit from the extensive bodywork menu. For the over-thinkers, hit the pause button on negative repetitive thought patterns with the mind section services. Or, for those who do the best working with subtle energy, try the spirit healing options. 

Suargan’s signature treatment is based upon traditional ‘pijat’ massage that begins with affir- mations and sound healing and combining various techniques including stretching and mobilizing. This will result in a sense of peaceful balance. Other treatments include deep tissue to release tight muscles, abdominal massage for emotional release, mind-body Bridge to reconnect the phys- ical and mental aspects of self and crystal chakra healing for an energetic reset. All of these treat- ments are done with an immersive and restorative experience that leaves you physically unwound, mentally calm, and spiritually at peace. 

Amongst a plethora of day spas in Ubud and Bali, Suargan stands out with its progressive wellness offerings that not only include massage treatments but they also have a list of exceptional specialists. Meet the best-renowned healers from all over Bali to facilitate your journey, whether it is self-discovery, reconnection or transformation. Additionally, Suargan has carefully hand-selected the best of Bali’s traditional culture that includes trips to temples and water purification sites for an immersive spiritual experience led by your own personal guide. 


Jalan Monkey Forest, Ubud
+62 852 3827 8958 



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