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BIASA ArtSpace Host ‘ecce’; a video presentation by Laurent Montaron

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BIASA just recently announced to host the very first presentation of ecce; a video by French artist Lauren Montaron at BIASA ArtSpace, Ubud, Bali.

Shot in super 16mm at the glassware of Saint-Just, France, ecce (2018) is made as a documentary and follows the process of making a glass sheet. The glassware company featured on the video is one of the last production factories to use the traditional technique of blown glass. The transparent object is hardly visible in the picture and leaves room for manual work alone. The incessant ballet of the workers evokes in Beckett’s way a world in itself, animated by the absurdity. At the end of the production line, the imperfect glass sheet is broken and returned to the liquid state before being blown again, repeating the cycle indefinitely.

The title ecce refers to a Latin word that means behold. It is an obvious reference to the famous phrase, ‘Ecce Homo’, said by Pontius Pilate and often used as a title for many paintings. But the artist’s action of removing the word homo brings new meanings, moving the focus of the discourse from the human subject to the object/subject.

Laurent Montaron, frame from ecce, 2018. Courtesy of the artist, Monitor, Rome; Galerie Anne-Sarah. Bénichou, Paris.

At BIASA ArtSpace Ubud, the video is projected onto a freestanding screen (three meters x five meters) installed diagonally at the exhibition space, transforming the installation video into an object, creating new means to explore how visitors think through tools and objects. The presentation of Montaron’s video is part of BIASA’s contribution to both local and international art scenes and artists, creating an artistic link between the island of Bali and the rest of the world. By bringing Laurent Montaron in Bali, BIASA allows visitors from all around the world to encounter an extraordinary artwork and to access the window of the international contemporary art.

ecce will be displayed at BIASA ArtSpace Ubud from October 23 to November 16, 2019, everyday from 9:00 AM to 07:00 PM. For more information about BIASA ArtSpace and the current exhibition, please contact [email protected]


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