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Beauty, Confidence, Simplicity; The Emporering Message Of Kurve Fashion Wear

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Established in 2019 in Jakarta by Paula Anselmi, Kurve is built on a strong value revolving around women empowerment, especially in promoting self-love and body positivity.

Paula’s personal struggles are the foundation behind Kurve’s vision. Growing up, Paula spent her childhood days moving around schools to follow her parents. Consequently, she never had any close friends. Always felt alone and alienated, Paula went through a period of bullying; the experience affected her confidence.

When she founded Kurve, Paula aimed to share her story to other women who might be going through, or have gone through, the same journey. Kurve was built as a platform to encourage women to be more confident with what and who they are.

More than just a brand, to Paula, Kurve is a personal statement. The message is carried through in Kurve’s campaign, which features women in different shapes and sizes. In Kurve’s social media platform, customers are encouraged to share their own empowering stories, creating a community of “Kurvies”.

Kurve’s design centers around simple but innovative basic wear with quality and versatility—another reflection of its founder. Paula’s personal style has always revolved
around basic items, which are classic, timeless, and can easily be dressed up and down. Paula’s design for Kurve puts great emphasis on fit and material. Kurve’s innovative
“Konfidencewear”, made using high quality jersey and terry fabric, would hug every curve of the body comfortably.

This ‘beauty in simplicity’ design approach, along with Kurve’s strong values, has managed to boost Kurve’s appeal to many. Kurve’s fan base now includes notable local celebrities such as Luna Maya, Nikita Willy, Adinia Wirasti, Pevita Pearce, Indah Kalalo, Titan Tyra, Vinna Gracia, Paola Serena, and Nia Ramadhani, as well as international celebrities like Venice Min, Isabel Tan or Pretty Frowns, Jessica Wilson, and Rei Germar. Most recently, Kurve’s collection was also seen worn by a contestant of Indonesia’s Next Top Models.

Customers are the core of Kurve itself. As the younger generations found a stronger foot to voice out their opinions and express their values more freely, Kurve is always there to listen, improve, and grow together.


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