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An Enlightening Wellness Abode: 3 Fine Days at Fivelements Retreat

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After months long of ‘stay at home’, most of people will be longing for a blissful retreat, far from the boredom of bustling city life and into the nature’s gentle caress. Fivelements Retreat ready to provide that and more; an enlightening tranquility journey to rebalance the body, mind and spirit through series of rejuvenating activities. Here’s our pleasant report after spending the whole three days and two nights at the blissful wellness resort.

Conveniently perched on the quiet village of Sibang Kaja, Fivelements is truly a one-of-a-kind wellness retreat built incorporating its surrounding nature. The tranquil atmosphere felt immediately after we set our foot at the front entrance, greeted by the friendly lady staff in traditional Balinese kebaya and face mask, before we are escorted to the lobby for check in. The lobby itself is designed with ancient ‘Bale Timbang’ concept, which is a traditional Balinese gathering space in the market for people to meet and trade. Safety health protocols are ensured in form of body temperature check and mandatory hand sanitizer at the lobby.

Fivelements believe in the benefit of good energy flow, and the whole compound are established to encourage that said aspect. Just in front of the lobby, a ‘sacred space’ awaits those who wish to meditate and get soaked in the immersive vibe of surrounding nature. The field itself is build upon a magnetic force center–an interstate of eight different springs flowing underneath the ground. Walking further in, I was introduced to the resort’s other main facilities; inluding “Kunda” space used for ‘Agni Hotra’ fire purification ceremony occasion, the award-winning ‘Sakti Dining Room’, Wellness and Healing Sanctuary (more on these two later), a small permaculture garden which supplies some of the restaurant’s ingredients, brand new small and well-equipped gym, and public pool area; all just minutes walk away from one another.

After checked in to our suite (called ‘Apah’), which located right beside the majestic Ayung River, we are off to enjoy the treatment at Fivelement’s critically-acclaimed Wellness and Healing Sanctuary. An attentive therapist guide us to the spacious, open-air riverside spa room for a 1-hour Fivelements Signature Massage couple; combining organic, nature-based lotion and soothing oil with Balinese massage technique which almost drifted us to a very indulging sleep!

Fivelements, spa, treatment, model, chocolate, cacao, cocoa butter, healing, mask

After treatment, we take a brief stroll to Sakti Dining Room, an enchanting restaurant with unique architecture concept. The restaurant’s iconic roof is made resembling ‘Daun Pisang’ (banana leaf) for a brilliant indigenous touch and symbolizing nourishment.

Sakti Dining Room. The soaring roofline, sculpted from bamboo and thatch, resembles a banana leaf, symbol of nourishment.

All the plant-based menus of Sakti Dining Room are made from carefully selected ingredients and talented chef to create tantalizing high-end dish for all kinds of palate; vegetarian and non-vegetarian alike. Try the Chickpea and Cassava Flatbread for a trusty starter; which consist of carrot hummus, sautéed mushroom, avocado, herbs and ginger torch sambal, perfectly combined into a healthy starter delight. Than move to Shiitake Beetroot Burger, which uniquely replace the meat patty with beetroot one, complimented with umami ketchup, kimchi mayo, caramelized onion, pickles, and a healthy yet fitting replacement for deep-fried French Fries in form of sweet potato chips. Wrap it all up with tasty three-flavors Trio Sorbet or Panna Cotta dessert and a glass of the restaurant’s signature Superfood Smoothies. Yum!

Mandala Agung interior

The second day comes faster than we expected, and we start the day with pleasant Yoga session in one of the resort’s open-air yoga venue, Mandala Agung. The interior of the Mandala Agung tower reveals bamboo arced into a graceful double spiral. The realization of “sacred geometry” was a guiding principal in the construction Fivelements Healing Center. The open architecture admits soft natural light and a cooling breeze. Our vibrant and enthusiastic instructor, Anne Cousin, patiently guide us through each of her session; which all very simple, effective and easy to follow even for non-yoga practitioner. Its both rejuvenating and refreshing, a perfect activity to start your wellness retreat indeed!

Selections of Sakti Dining’s Fresh Juices!

Then after a quick and pleasant breakfast at Sakti Dining Room (a portion of DragonBowl Smoothies and healthy Cheese Sandwich!), we meet Ms. Cousin once again for Sound and Healing session. This is a definitely unique activity to experience, as all you have to do is simply lay down comfortably on a mat while the instructor sounds the Tibetan Singing Bowl, which resonates in a melodious hum to take the stress away from your mind as you become one with the universe for a brief moment, while occasionally sprinkling your body with refreshing clean water. This one hour session passes quickly, and we are back to Sakti Dining again for a wonderful lunch session. Instead of looking up the menu, we decide to take the Chef’s Choice for the day, which turns out to be a wonderful decision.

Avocado Tacos; one of Chef Tantra’s finest dishes

The resort’s experienced local executive chef, Made Tantra delivers some of his finest creation to our table: tasty Avocado Tacos, amazing Zucchini Soup and wonderful Mocca Semi Fredo dessert, accompanied by two glasses of fresh Turmeric Juice for healthy thirst quencher. Chef Made also explains that almost all of the menus of Sakti Dining’s are made raw to preserve the nutrition. “Life force contains enzyme, and enzyme is nutrition” he said. “80% of our foods are raw with just 20% heated before serving, to preserve the nutrition”.

On this second day, we are given the opportunity to stay on one of Fivelements latest Suites, located up on a set of gorgeous stone stairs just beside the restaurant. The resort just recently added 11 new suites to complement their existing 9 so they can accommodate more guests need. The new suites features confined but elegant space (indoor bathroom rather than outdoor one, for example), complete with its own small private pool; exchanging authenticity of close-to-nature comfort with convenient, secluded resting space, which has their own advantages.

Fivelements brand new Suite interior; with valley view and private pool, spacious indoor bathroom

After we checked ourselves in the new abode, our blissful retreat continues on the resort’s Wellness and Healing Sanctuary yet again; this time for a relaxing facial session. Whatever your choices may be; either the Turmeric Facial (for exfoliation and removing dead skin cells) or Ultra Hydrating one (refresh and maintain radiant skin), you will be guaranteed a cozy and healthy moment. Give your facial skin an attention it deserves! Another dinner feast at Sakti Dining Room become our last activity before we call it a day, and this time we order the Southeast Asian’s ‘peranakan’-inspired Curry Laksa, a bowl of goodness which combines young coconut ‘noodles’, smoked tempeh, edamame, sprouts, shiitake and herbs in a warm, creamy coconut milk and spices soup, washed down with a glass of sweet and bitter Chocolate Mousse Shake.

The third and final day started just as exciting as the second. On the morning yoga, rather than repeating the same session, Ms. Cousin took us in a ‘Tension Release’ session, which is as interesting as it sounds. By using a slinker, she explains that sometime we have to let loose of our ‘grip’ to find our rhythm again. One of the activity in this session required to lay down, raise our feet and bend the knees in the air, feeling the tension as we involuntarily shakes around to balance ourselves, while Ms. Cousin reminding us that its okay if our feet fell down as we have the whole earth / ground ready to support us in whole. This enlightening experience becomes the highlight of our last day in this fine wellness staycation, along with the last breakfast at Sakti Dining and moments in our convenient suites, before noon time passed and we have to check out as the resort’s transport car waiting to take us back into our home.

The crown of the Fivelements’ Mandala Agung recalls an erupting volcano when cast against a Balinese sunset.

‘Wholesome’ is the closest word to describe our entire experience at Fivelements Retreat. It is truly a unique and inviting place to have a secluded retreat with your closest one; surrounded by healthy nature and timeless ambience that will rebalance your spirit, body and mind inside out after months of pandemic uncertainty. Put this in your bucket list already!


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