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Afternoon Culinary Journey: Som Chai Opens for Lunch with Special Menu Combo

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Inspired by the vast diversity of history, culture and traditions of Thailand, Som Chai invites its guest to embark upon a culinary journey to get first-hand experience of the country’s immersive indigenous cuisine, now with lunch option available.

As one of Will Meyrick’s brightest brainchild, Som Chai brings the authenticity of Thailand dishes with wonderful presentation. The acclaimed ‘street food chef’ has journeyed extensively throughout the country by himself, seeking the most authentic and ancient recipes from the old kingdom and recreating them in Bali for international and local guests alike. The result is a vast array of authentic Thai menus; from the Northern Hill tribes and provinces to the central Royal Courts of Bangkok and into the south of the country where Will spent two immersive years learning and understanding southern regional Thai cuisine.

The recipes at Som Chai incorporate traditional Thai ageing and fermenting methods, with the culinary team making their own fish sauce and drying their own prawns and fish. All curries are prepared in traditional clay pots over wood fires, bringing ancient traditions together with Will’s own touches that never try to reinvent Thai cooking, but only to add and enhance them.

Just recently, Som Chai introduced a brand new lunch package. Between 12.00-15.00pm every day, guests are treated with 1 each of starter and main menu, accompanied by a glass of refreshing ice tea. Think steaming plates of spicy Chiang Mai; a portion of chicken with shallot, Vietnamese mint, coriander, and roasted rice; followed by Crispy Pork; which cooked to perfection along with special indigenous Thai spices, such as nahm jihm jaew or tamarillo-based nam phrik dressing, or Geang Kee Lek of cured and smoked salted beef brisker with cinnamon leaves, lime leaf and wild ginger.

So if you are craving for a unique take of South-East Asian goodness, don’t hesitate to pop in at Som Chai for your lunchtime. For more info about this package, visit


Jl. Raya Kerobokan No.86A, Kerobokan Kelod, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

P. +62 878 8866 1945


Open daily 12.00-3pm (lunch), 6.30pm-12am (dinner)


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