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A Fine Balance

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Experiencing the art of Balinese healing between the Seen and the Unseen at Desa Visesa Ubud.

Living in Bali is to embrace the notion of duality. There is the darkness to every light, black to every white, male to every female, the Seen to the Unseen. The Balinese call it sekala and niskala. All is well when the two polar opposites are in balance. However, when it is off, we will find ailments in our body and our soul. We can go to the doctor to cure the Seen disease but sometimes, one can be ill and no doctor can find anything wrong with his or her body. Then, it is usually time to seek the different kind of doctor, the one that practices the skill of the Seen as well as the Unseen. Here, they are called Balian or a healer.


True to Desa Visesa’s commitment in honoring the Balinese tradition, its spa is also devoted to share a holistic healing experience for both, the in-house and outside guests. The Balinese Healing package offers a rare glimpse into how the Balinese keep their spiritual health in balance. My curiosity gets the better of me and I decided to visit the abundantly green village resort and pay a visit to its Visesa Spa.

The bamboo pavilion that housed the spa is charmingly located in the middle of rice fields. As soon as I arrive, I am given a glass of herbal green potion called loloh, made of starfruit extract. A tall and thin man in white Balinese ceremonial attire greets me warmly and introduce himself as the healer. After gulping down the potion, we walk down a few steps to an open-air consultation pavilion for a private session. He asks me to tie a sarong and before starting the session, light up an incense stick and gives an offering of flowers and water to a nearby shrine, humbly asking a permission in summoning the spirits of nature. Gently, he explains the concept of Bali Usada or Balinese medicine to me. “You know, our body is made of the five elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Air, and Space. Everyone have these elements within her or him, only in different quantity. You are healthy when those elements are in balance,” says the healer.

Contrary to what I previously believe, his art of healing is nothing to do with telling you that you will marry a dark handsome stranger and have a certain number of kids. “Our skill is in reading your body and your mind, treating the imbalance in your elements through massage therapies, curing your sickness with medicinal plants and herbs, and lastly, using my intuition, I am going to pinpoint several things that I have “read” from you and you need to work on them after this session,” explains him. Our interaction is fluid and done in good humour. He gives me several tips to improve my bad habits and answer some of my nagging questions patiently. Before I leave, he blesses me with a sprinkle of holy water. I can’t tell you that I am coming home as a changed woman. But, I can tell you that I feel lighter and positive. Sometimes in life, one does need a little balancing affirmation from a wise man.

The Balinese Healing package (Rp.1,700,000 / person) is comprising of a 60-minute consultation with a healer, body massage and a foot bath ritual.

Desa Visesa Ubud Jalan Suweta, Banjar Bentuyung Sakti,
Ubud T: +62 361 2091788


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